13: Conversation Expert Dr. Cheri Torres on Catalyzing Positive Change

Imagine how your life would change if you had a clear and consistent approach to having conversations that would strengthen relationships, resolve conflict, and expand future possibilities? Conversation expert Dr. Cheri Torres and I cover those topics and more in this episode. We also talk about the key principles in her book, Conversations Worth Having, and the philosophy and practice of appreciative inquiry. 

If you are a leader, coach, or consultant, or someone curious about shifting any local or national conversation, I highly recommend this episode, as I was immediately able to apply what I learned to my coaching work with leaders.

I think the extent of the polarization in our country right now has woken people up to the fact that we’re not having the conversations we’re needing to have.
— Dr. Cheri Torres

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Cheri Torres explains “appreciative inquiry” [2:22 ] and “generative questions” [3:54]

  • The nuances of creating a positive frame for a conversation [5:33]

  • Dr. Cheri Torres provides examples of “generative questions” [7:53]

  • How these practices may manifest during under-performing employee reviews [9:12]

  • How to run effective meetings [16:40]

  • Workshops: “Conversations Worth Having” and “Strategic Conversations” [20:19]

  • What the “appreciative conversation” with yourself might sound like [22:16]

  • Identifying and addressing fear and other emotions upfront in conversations [24:00]

  • Broadening conversations with your neighbor to create positive change [27:51]


Book - Conversations Worth Having by Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres

Have effective conversations, EVEN with your kids! FREE Conversation Toolkit can be downloaded here: https://www.conversationsworthhaving.today

Article - “Business As An Agent for World Benefit”

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