04: Leadership and Coaching at the Highest Levels with Dr. Richard Levin

In this episode, Todd Iarussi talks to Dr. Richard Levin, one of America's first executive coaches, and the CEO of Richard Levin and Associates (RLA). RLA is the only coaching firm on the 2018 Forbes list of the 50 best US management consulting firms. 

Richard actually began his career as a psychologist, but at the request of his executive-level clients, began helping them approach business and leadership challenges by observing them in the workplace. In the process, he has helped to start and shape the field of executive coaching over the last 30-plus years. 

As a society, I think we need to…be listening more and looking more at mutual respect and trust…re-introducing a more civil discourse, and a society that is a more ethics driven than we see ours right now. That would make me really happy, and if there are ways that I can contribute to that, I am certainly trying really hard.
— Dr. Richard Levin

Please enjoy one of American’s most experienced executive coaches talking about leadership, coaching, and culture development at the highest levels of organizations!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What informed Richard’s decision to become a psychologist (2:22) and how he made the transition to executive coach in the 80’s
  • Richard’s opinion about whether or not shadowing and observing leaders in the workplace actually allows for an authentic assessment of their leadership. (16:18)
  • How RLA’s network of 42 coaches makes it easier for organizations to find right the coach. (22:12)
  • How a leader or CEO can work with an executive coach to begin developing the systems and practices that create high-performing, values-driven cultures. (28:12)
  • Re-introducing a more civil discourse - and learning to listen more, trust more, and respect each other more as human beings. (37:55)


CFAR is the consulting organization that RLA has partnered with.

Dr. Richard Levin and RLA's website: www.richardlevinassociates.com  

Richard on Twitter: @R_Levin_Assoc

Todd on Twitter: @rhinomind

Todd Iarussi