05: Award Winning Filmmaker Mike Zimbalist

Award-winning filmmaker Mike Zimbalist joins the Rhinomind Coaching podcast to talk about his career and life in film. Mike and his brother Jeff are best known  for the ESPN 30-for-30 documentaries The Two Escobars (2010) and Youngstown Boys (2013), and the feature film Pelé: Birth of a Legend (2016). Mike and his brother are set to release four films in 2018! Please join Mike and host Todd Iarussi as they discuss Mike finding his calling in film, his perspective on making films that have a cultural impact, and moving into feature filmmaking outside of sports.     

We’re always kind of looking for the universal thing here, the bigger theme, message, that speaks beyond sports.
— Mike Zimbalist

Show Highlights:

  • What led to the making of the Two Escobars with ESPN [03:55]

  • The moment Mike found his calling in film [07:40]

  • Mike’s perspective on making films with his brother Jeff [14:10]

  • The impact Mike wants to have on the world at this point in his career [19:16]


Mike and Jeff’s film company All Rise Films

Mike Zimbalist on IMDB

Todd on Twitter: @rhinomind

Todd Iarussi