06: The Future of Coaching and Leadership with Dr. Alex Pascal

On today’s Rhinomind Coaching podcast, Todd is joined by executive coach and Coachlogix CEO Dr. Alex Pascal, an entrepreneur who lives at the cutting edge of technology, research, and coaching. Alex was one of the youngest coaches ever to coach executives at the Center for Creative Leadership, and with such a broad, insider’s view of the coaching landscape, Alex founded Coachlogix to address inefficiencies in the coaching marketplace. CoachLogix provides a platform for coaches and organizations to standardize the way coaching is managed, and understand the value and effectiveness of coaching. CoachLogix is also moving into the machine learning / AI space to bring coaching into the future. 

For the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders, Alex will share his journey of creating and leading a successful startup technology company [05:03]. For the coaches, you will hear about the future of coaching and technology [12:35]. Alex also discusses his spiritual journey [21:54], paradox and adult development, and human evolution [25:05], and the nature of the current challenges humans are facing amidst the power of emerging technologies. Alex closes with the responsibilities of leaders of coaches to keep human flourishing at the center of innovation [34:15].   

With the millennial proclivity for development, you are going to see a big explosion in the coaching market…
— Dr. Alex Pascal

Show Highlights:

  • The history of Alex beginning CoachLogix [5:03]

  • Technology and future trends in the coaching industry [12:05]

  • Alex’s spiritual journey, purpose, and having an impact [22:00] 






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Todd Iarussi