07: High-Performance Leadership with Former PepsiCo Chief People Officer Mike Feiner

On Episode 7 of the Rhinomind Coaching Podcast, I am joined by one of the world’s foremost experts on high-performance leadership. Mike Feiner was an SVP and Chief People Officer at PepsiCo before spending a decade teaching high-performance leadership at Columbia Business School. 

Mike is also the author of The Feiner Points of Leadership, where he breaks leadership down into 50 laws across easy-to-use categories, including leading subordinates and bosses, peers and teams, as well as leading in situations that include change, conflict, and leading with values. Mike is now an executive coach and trusted consultant to senior organizational leaders through his company, Michael Feiner Consulting.

People can’t improve their performance unless they know that they know they are not meeting your performance standards.
— Mike Feiner

Show Highlights:

  • Mike shares how he was very driven to rise to the top of People Operations at PepsiCo. [04:11]

  • Critical feedback may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary in high-peformance leadership. [07:42]

  • Some upper-level managers lead from the ways they were socialized as kids. [08:21]

  • A leader also has to be a coach. [11:29]

  • What does it take to lead bosses? [19:00]

  • Command and control is still alive today. [21:49]

  • The importance of values conversations [29:18]

  • Leadership is not about power and authority. [30:12]


The Feiner Points of Leadership

Feiner Consulting 

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