10: Coaching Men and Undoing Systems of Domination with Creative Empowerment Coach Calee Lucht – Part 1

On Episode 10 of the Rhinomind Coaching Podcast, I’m joined by creative empowerment coach Calee Lucht. Calee also specializes in coaching men, and has some very interesting thoughts about moving away from the “patriarchy” label, and in shifting from systems of domination to systems of partnership in organizations.

Previously, for over 17 years at Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School, Calee helped many school leaders and alumni around the world tell their stories. Calee has leveraged that experienced to build a coaching practice that helps people and performers find their true creative power, and live into their potential. Please enjoy Part 1 of my conversation with Calee! 

Every interaction is an opportunity for me to show up in the world as a parter.
— Calee Lucht

Show Highlights:

  • How Calee followed art and creativity on her path to empowerment [3:35]

  • How Calee learned about the kind of leader she wanted to be [5:46]

  • The process Calee uses to help people connect to their purpose, based on core values [10:06]

  • What it means to be a values-driven leader [13:01]

  • Why Calee chose to work with men in coaching [16:46]

  • What “above the line” behavior looks like in systems of partnership [22:42]



The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler

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