11: How Men and Women Can Partner in Powerful Ways with Creative Empowerment Coach Calee Lucht – Part 2

Episode 11 of the Rhinomind Coaching Podcast is Part 2 of my conversation with creative empowerment coach Calee Lucht. In this episode, Calee shares her perspectives on “callout” culture, the difference between soul work and spiritual work, and the relationship between sex and leadership potential. We also talk about ways in which men and women can partner together in more powerful ways. 

For over 17 years at Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School, Calee helped many school leaders and alumni around the world tell their stories. Calee leveraged that experienced to build a coaching practice that helps people and performers find their true creative power, and live into their potential. Please enjoy Part 2 of my conversation with Calee! 

Do yourself the great honor of learning what you love and then align yourself with that as much as possible.
— Calee Lucht

Show Highlights:

  • Calee’s thoughts on today’s “callout” culture [:58]

  • How a man can become a powerful partner [9:42]

  • Challenges to sex and sexuality in our culture [10:20]

  • The connection between sex and leadership [16:50]

  • What soul work is and why it’s valuable [20:02]

  • How to bring new thinking into traditional organizations [22:33]



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Todd Iarussi